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The Orphanage

Home for Youth in Rwanda, East Africa

Fr. Jean Bosco Gakirage found himself the guardian of his nieces and nephews when his entire family was massacred during the Rwandan genocide.  A Comboni missionary priest, Fr. Jean Bosco had been assigned to Latin America and had been far from Rwanda during this horrific time.  So in 1994 when he went to Rwanda in search for his family he was told there were only a few youngsters left.  As a missionary priest he wondered how he could provide for them.  Upon entering his parents' former home and farm he found 14 children living there.  They told their uncle, "We would rather starve and die together than to let our friends die alone on the street."

So, for 20 years Fr. Jean Bosco has struggled to meet the needs of these now older children.

Through The Orphan's Prayer 3 students were sponsored to come to the USA and to attend local high schools.  They arrived in August of 2011 and are living with their new families.  1 more student joined in the summer of 2013.

However, the other Rwandan youth need your help.  We need parents who can foster them here in the United States as they come here to improve their education.  Are you interested in being a foster parent?

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