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Lauren Loboda, Director of The Orphan's Prayer along with her husband Mark and their kids.

We started talking about adoption when we were just dating.  We started the process of our adoption from Honduras as soon as we got married.  After 5 years of working on our son's international adoption and raising him for the past 2 years as an older adopted child from an orphanage we are even more passionate and concerned about the plight of orphans in our world.  We have met, worked alongside and created beautiful friendships with adoptive parents from all ages and stages of life.  We have seen children adopted with a variety of backgrounds, life experiences, needs, issues and gifts.

We aren’t looking for the obvious adoptive parents.  We are hoping that families who feel “complete” and parents who think they “are done” will consider adoption.  We aren’t looking for perfect couples with lots of money.  We ourselves don't fit that description.  We would love single persons and newlyweds to consider adoption as well as retired empty nesters to think it over.  It wouldn’t hurt to entertain the idea.  Whatever your preconceived ideas of adoption are, I bet they can be challenged.

Please, help us to answer The Orphan’s Prayer.  Help us find loving homes for orphans by offering your own heart and home.

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